The house where this Tulsi lives, that house is like heaven..

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हर घर के आंगन में तुलसी बड़ी है महान
जिस घर में ये तुलसी रहती वो घर स्वर्ग सामान
आपको तुलसी पूजन दिवस की शुभकामनाएं
(Tulsi is great in the courtyard of every house
 The house where this Tulsi lives, that house is like heaven.
 wish you a happy tulsi worship day)

Tulsi plant has special importance in Hindu religion.  It is a belief that in the houses where regular worship of Tulsi is done, the grace of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu remains in that house and it never lacks anything.  On the other hand, seeing the importance of Tulsi plant, sages and saints started celebrating Tulsi Day on 25 December .  Let's know how to worship on Tulsi Pujan and what is its importance?

Importance of Tulsi Puja-

 Tulsi worship has great importance in Hinduism.  Any auspicious work is considered incomplete without Tulsi Puja.  Tulsi is very dear to Lord Vishnu.  That's why Tulsi leaves are used while offering food to Lord Vishnu.  It is a belief that negative energy never dominates in the houses where there is a Tulsi plant.

This is the benefit of worshiping Tulsi:-
 -It is believed that by reciting any mantra-stotra etc. near the Tulsi plant, it gives infinite times more fruit.
 -Ghosts, spirits, vampires, Brahmarakshasas, demons etc. all run away from the Tulsi plant.
 -Bad thoughts are destroyed by worshiping Tulsi.
 -According to Padmapuran, if a person applies the water dripping from Tulsi leaves on his head, then by doing this much, that person gets the Ganges bath and the fruit of 10 Godan.
-Diseases are destroyed by worshiping Tulsi and good health is attained.
 -Sins are destroyed by worshiping Tulsi, planting Tulsi and wearing Tulsi.
- Tulsi worship opens the doors of heaven and salvation.
 -Even a leaf of Tulsi gives great virtue in Shraddha and Yagya etc.
- Merits are attained only by chanting the name of Tulsi.
- All the sins of man are destroyed.

tulsi worship method-
 On Tulsi Day i.e. 25th December, after taking bath in the morning, offer water to the Tulsi plant, then apply orange vermilion to it, cover it with chunri and worship it according to the rules and regulations.  On this day in the evening, light a lamp near the Tulsi plant and chant with Tulsi garland.  It is a belief that those who worship Tulsi ji with a true heart, special blessings of Goddess Lakshmi are showered on them and there is no shortage of money.

plant Tulsi(basil) plant in this direction-

 According to Vastu Shastra, Tulsi plant should be planted in the north-east or east direction of the house.  Due to this, positive energy resides in the house.  Tulsi plant should be taken care of regularly.  Take special care that the Tulsi plant should not dry up, because drying Tulsi plant is a sign of bad luck.

देवी के पराक्रम के आगे,
हर दैत्य शक्ति हारी है,
सांवरे के छप्पन भोग पर भी,
एक तुलसी ही भारी है,
आपको तुलसी पूजन दिवस की शुभकामनाएं
(Before the might of the goddess,
 Every demon power is defeated,
 Even on the fifty-six bhog of Savre,
 A basil is heavy,
 wish you a happy tulsi worship day)

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